Donna Duvall Training Stables
8102 FM 879
Palmer,  Texas   75152

(214) 403-0932

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Donna gives beginner through advanced lessons. 
Each lesson is geared towards the individual 
needs, desires and abilities of her students. 
From six to sixty she has students of all ages 
and abilities. She gives lessons on her horses or 
will work with you and your own horse. She 
focus’s first on safety. Donna teaches the psychology 
of the horse to explain how and why they act 
and react the way they do. Horsemanship is 
about a lot more than just being able to sit on 
a horse.

Donna also prepares and coaches her students for the show ring in multiple disciplines.

Lessons are $35 per hour

Lesson Curriculum

  • Approaching the horses
  • Haltering and leading
  • Safe tying methods
  • Grooming and bathing
  • Why the horse reacts the way they do
  • First rides at the walk and trot
  • Stopping and turning
  • Balanced riding on the longe line or in the round pen

  • More horse psychology
  • Sitting the trot
  • Posting the trot
  • More balanced riding
  • Leg cues
  • Riding the lope/canter
  • Recognizing the leads at a lope


  • Side pass
  • Pivots on the forehand
  • Pivots on the hind quarters
  • Backing up
  • Lead changes
  • Roll backs
  • Sliding stops
  • Shoulder in
  • Haunches in
  • Leg yields
  • Half passes